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The cave

Explore the bowels of the earth in the pitch dark

The cave






Visit the Ramioul Cave: an incredible testimony to the past.

The Ramioul Cave is unique in terms of its history, and of the place it holds in people’s hearts. It keeps alive the memory of the enthusiasts who first cleared, explored it for traces of the past, defended it and preserved it. By the light of a headlamp, track down the spirit of the place and the secrets of its history. 

Turn caver as you explore, and take the time to marvel at the crystal formations and other wonders shaped by nature over the last million years. Look out for key objects that will tell you their story: reflectors will show you where they are to be found. 

The cave is on three levels. You will enter via the middle network and leave via the upper network, climbing an 18-metre staircase on the way. Your visit ends on the terrace, the archaeological component of the site.