The Experimental Archaeology Laboratory (LAE) is a research facility, open to both researchers and the general public, that includes a covered workshop and experimental reconstitutions in the open air. 

The LAE provides facilities not only for research but also for conservation of the facsimiles it produces for scientific or educational purposes. It offers visitors an introduction to the scientific approach to experimental archaeology.  

Research programmes 

The Laboratory conducts research programmes relating primarily to architecture and the use of draught animals in the Neolithic period, and to hunting. It coordinates the construction of life-size Prehistoric housing structures in the Préhistomuseum archaeological park (early Neolithic house, middle Neolithic palisade, dolmen, etc.).

An experimental archaeology infrastructure and service

In addition to running its own research programmes, the LAE also functions as a centre of expertise capable of responding to requests for collaboration emanating from archaeology researchers or students, who find it a valuable platform for dialogue and sharing of knowhow, providing valuable and ideally suited facilities.

The LAE works closely with the Centre for the Study of Techniques and Experimental Research in Prehistory (CETREP) run by Les Chercheurs de la Wallonie [external link] and with the TracéoLab at the University of Liège [external link] on themes of common interest (hunting, projectiles, etc.).

A facsimile production and conservation service

The LAE produces facsimiles for the needs of the Préhistomuseum (organised events, exhibitions) or on request. It manages the resulting facsimiles in accordance with CCED standards, ensuring their traceability (marking, inventory). It is scrupulous in archiving its products and experiment protocols, to ensure their conservation and transmission. It is also responsible for conservation of the life-size reconstitutions on show to the public.  

The LAE is open to researchers by appointment.  

The “Reconstitutions | Experimental Archaeology" exhibition is open to all visitors to the Préhistomuseum during Museum opening hours.


Christian Casseyas, LAE manager

+32 474 65 10 05