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The Archéorestaurant/bistro is an integral part of the Préhistomuseum, offering an experience that blends gastronomy with history and archaeology. Every dish, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, is a delicious invitation to travel through time and cultures. Mirroring the archaeological collections on display in the Museum, the menu takes you through every period of history, from Prehistoric times down to the present day. Here is your chance to explore the history of gastronomy through two of the most evocative senses: taste and smell. 

The Archéobistrot’s brasserie menu, featuring locally sourced produce, includes a number of time-honoured dishes gleaned from recipe collections dating from Antiquity , the Middle Ages and more modern times. 

The Préhistomuseum and its partner, Boucherie Vanderbyse, are proud to present a concept that is one of a kind in Europe: an archaeo-compatible restaurant.  

The Archéobistrot offers a unique opportunity to encounter long-forgotten tastes and savours and to explore the history of food, not just on a daily basis but also at themed evenings brought to life by a food historian. 

Taste our famous Bigmouth

The famous BigMouth !

Notre artisan boucher vous propose un burger clin d’œil à la Préhistoire composé de bœuf, salade, sauce aux herbes, oignons rouge, chèvre dans un petit pain aux graines. Il sera accompagné d’une salade de saison.

Nous pouvons également vous le proposer en burger végétarien.

The Archéobistrot
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