The whole team of the Prehistomuseum and les Chercheurs de la Wallonie will be pleased to welcome you the 11 and 12 of mei in Ramioul (Belgium) for the european championship of prehistoric bow and spearthrower.


If you’re unable to pay online, please contact us at info@prehisto.museum

Saturday 11 mei. Prehistoric bow-shooting

By 11 H 30 : Reception of the competitors in the Prehistomuseum

Payment of the inscription and meal + getting the access badge

Lunch on reservation (see inscription form) - 10€ / person

Neolithic plate and a drink (« La Préhistorique » Belgian beer or another of your choice)

Some practice targets will be at disposal of the competitors inside the Prehistomuseum starting 10h30 am. For safety reasons and because of the power of the bows and the shape of the arrowheads, we ask you not to shoot at the 3 dimensional targets in the hunting courses and the shooting range. To access those, we ask you kindly to inform yourself at the information desk.

By 13 h 30 : Prehistoric bow-shooting

The proposed circuit of 30 targets will be in another location and will be different from the one proposed in 2017.

By 19 h : Proclamation of the results

 Dinner on reservation (see inscription form) - 15 € / person

Dish : sucking-pig, salad and potato with coarse salt

Dessert : ice-cream buffet


Sunday 12 april. Prehistoric spear-throwing

From 8h to 10h : Breakfast on reservation (see inscription form) - 7 € / person

Matoufet (scrambled eggs, bacon and onions), assortment of pastry, warm drink at choice, fruit juice at choice

By 9h : Payment of the inscription and meal + getting the access badge

By 9 h 30 : Spear-throwing

Selection of 10 targets in more open conditions than for bow (a three time circuit)

By 12h : Proclamation of the results

Lunch on reservation (see inscription form) - 10 € / person

Liege salad with green beans and grilled sausage

By 14h : Accuracy shooting trial with the spear-thrower (ISAC)