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Themes :

Human-nature relationships 

Deep in the forest that surrounds the cave, seek out the traces left by human beings on the environment.  
Around and about the Ramioul Cave, learn to read a landscape, pick out the traces of the past, decide whether it should be considered as heritage or not.  
Walk through the woods, look around you, observe carefully and you will soon realise that not a single element of a landscape is there by chance. Every vestige has a tale to tell from the never-ending story playing out between nature and humankind. The Préhistomuseum picks out and magnifies for you the witnesses to this landscape over the last 350 million years.  
Ramioul Forest is managed as an untouched natural reserve, leaving nature entirely to its own devices, with no human intervention other than to ensure that the paths are safe for walkers. As time goes by, the sensation of stepping through a primitive forest, untouched by human hand, grows on you.