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The archéobistrot

Taste some of most prized dishes of the major periods of history, on a journey through time and cultures.

The archéobistrot


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Fascinated by the idea of eating at the table of Louis XV or Julius Caesar? At the court of the King of England at the height of the Middle Ages, or in the Baghdad of 1001 Nights?  The Archéorestaurant is a time-machine, whisking you back through the centuries and giving you the chance to taste some of the culinary delights of each period, from the Roman Empire to 18th century Versailles.

All the dishes featured on the Archéorestaurant menu are taken from collections of ancient recipes analysed by historian and chef Pierre Leclercq. Each of them, as delicious as it is unusual, is an opportunity to discover long-forgotten ingredients – laser (a fennel-like plant) and garum (fermented fish sauce), both popular in Roman times, galangal  (related to the ginger family) and Grains of Paradise from the mediaeval period – and savour the flavour combinations appreciated by our ancestors.  

Since every distinct cuisine is inseparable from its culture of origin, however, the Archéorestaurant is not content with simply appealing to your taste buds. It also provides explanatory texts and a permanent exhibition retracing the history of food, setting your menu in a wider historic and gastronomic context.